Thursday, February 3, 2011

True Love- LeAnn & Eric

I would say this girl is totally gorgeous and totally knows how to work the camera, but seeing as how if I was 5 ft tall and had long hair we would look the exact same, then that would maybe be a wierd thing for me to say. So instead I will just say I love her. and I love Eric. We knew my sis would find someone great- and 5 years ago she did! They made it through her law school and his masters and CPA courses(yea, they are totally a power couple), so when the engagement came in September we could not all be more excited. I am pumped for the wedding day, but I am also super pumped for LeAnn's bridal portraits. I die at her dress. Really, I do.

It is actually pretty ridiculous my amount of favorites, so I just went for it and posted "most" of them.


Eric, you go boy.


I really think LeAnn looks like my mom in the photo above. And me. Joe thinks she looks like my Granmaw Fran.


Let's all just have a moment of silence for this amazing red swing coat......


I managed to not be too stressful of a photographer and sister during this shoot. The same week I took shots of LeAnn and her partner Hilary(to come soon) so that shoot was a little more stressful where I was fussing at LeAnn to do her real smile, that her hair wasn't cooperating, and that her eye kept closing. It actually ended up being great practice for this session!:) She had her skills down pat....and Eric, he was just his studly self. He's a natural so I didn't have to yell at him any;)



This shot belongs in Ruggedly Sexy Magazine(ok, so that's not real publication, but still)leanneric10leanneric11


Mom said...

Your moma loves them all!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Eric is giving major, serious male model face and LeAnn has perfected her beautiful weather girl smile!

Mom said...

Oh, I forgot, am I going to get a bill for these photos????????

LeAnn said...

yayayaya! I love them!

Shannon Lancaster said...

They sure are going to have some pretty youngins!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Couple!

amy p said...

oh my goodness!! these are freaking amazing. she does look like you and your mama in that pic. beautiful. i mean, wow. it was hard to follow darby's first christmas on the blog, though.

Bailey Ayn said...

I cannot even pick a favorite!!! They are all just AMAZING!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!! Can't wait for the wedding in May!!!

MShelby said...

MShelby said, "WOW", You TWO are BEAUTIFUL!! What a Fantastic Couple
We Are So BLESSED To Have LeAnn Be A Part of Our Lives & Family. WE LOVE YOU ERIC & LEANN. We Wish You The BEST!