Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bae & Brett {Thailand Wedding Photographer} Part 1

I don't really even know where to begin when it comes to describing shooting a traditional Thai wedding. It was such an amazing experience that it really is hard to put into words. The chance to go all the way to Thailand and to get to be a part of Bae and Brett's day was incredible. We were treated like special guests by Bae's family and had a great time being two of the seven Americans there ( I think that everyone thought Brett and Joe were related, and now think all American's are over six feet tall). Not only do we love Brett's parents, but we also love his grandparent's who made the trip as well. Such fun and amazing people. We shot their wedding day- which included a traditional thai ceremony and a more western styled reception, and a day after session. While the wedding day was kind of set, the day after session we had free reign to take as many photos in as many different locations as we wanted- so it was incredibly awesome to explore Bae's town and get some amazing shots. Those to come later in the week!

There are so many different moving parts to a traditional wedding ceremony. First there are the monks, and their blessings, then Brett had a parade(really. my favorite part), then all of the loved ones tie strings onto the bride and groom giving them a special blessing. I could describe each of these parts in detail, but since I don't want to get it wrong I will leave it at that:) Here is a look at their wedding day!



Anonymous said...

Very interesting, photos great!

Sarah said...

The bride is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful wedding!!!

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