Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Love- Hayes

Little Jack has a new baby brother! Meet Hayes! Their little family of three is now four, but I know Mark and Gena now can't imagine it any other way. I went over to take Haye's picture last week when he was 6 days old. By the way, who agrees with me that Gena looks fabulous?! Yea, I know. She's gorg. I also designed his baby announcement which I am including the digital design down at the bottom for you to see. We did it on a 5x7 card on pearl paper- my fav.

For those wanting to schedule newborn pics- I really recommend we do this before the baby is 10 days old. There is something about taking their photo when they are so teensy tiny. The best thing to do is contact me before you are due to deliver to tentatively set a session date 'near' your due date- then call as soon as the baby is born and I will work you in if it outside of the 10 days of the date we had set. I know you will be tired and cranky...and tired....but trust me! It is so worth it!

Enjoy this sweet family!


The front side of his pearl baby announcement. Just look at his sweet little face!


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