Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Are Family: Drew and Amber

Have you ever seen it be so dreary and rain so much in your life!? I met up with Drew and Amber in between downpours...we barely made it before the next storm started...but I am glad we did!! This brother/sister pair are so fun and wanted to get some pics taken together to share with family and friends.  Drew and Amber are really close and genuinely like each other- it makes me a little jealous that I never had a brother to see how much they love each other.  They were game for anything- which I ALWAYS love. We found fun stuff to play on and bright colors. Thanks ya'll for being SO easy to work with.

Remember when you were young these things were so fun??  Now they are a little scary:)  Quick! Before all the blood rushes to your head!

This is their last name....I love 3 letters names- probably because I had the longest last name ever growing up.

Hello Eyes.

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