Monday, May 18, 2009

Carolina Bride: Bethany

This bridal session happened last week, but with lots of craziness over the weekend (including a wedding with lots of fun stories) I am just now getting to posting these! I am so sorry for the lack of blog activity over the last week!

Bethany was a DELIGHT to shoot. For her bridal shoot she wanted to be out in the country wearing her cowboy boots!  Of course she has some sassy heels for the wedding this coming weekend, but she is a boots kinda gal and that was her dream for this session. For her surprise to the groom, she had a vision of sitting on a John Deere Tractor in her dress.  Well if you can dream it, I can find is all part of the LLP experience.  Although I love shooting in cities and urban settings, there is something so cool about being in the country all dolled up in your dress with the crickets chirping and the sun setting over the trees that you seem to somehow miss when you are in town.

This session was so fun...can't wait for your wedding this coming weekend Bethany!

I think ONE of the reasons I LOVE my job so much is because I get to see smiles all day long.  Looking at this brings one to my face!

Enter little fairies dancing out of the woods. There is something magical about this picture.

I can't decide which one I like better, the looking down or looking up.

Don't worry, the tractor came with dirt on it for free!  

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