Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Announcing the next Workshop: July 17th 2011

Joe and I can't wait to teach the next Workshop! It will be held on Sunday, July 17th, 2011 at The Loft at 14th in downtown Concord. The date was announced yesterday to those on my workshop mailing list, and five of the spots are already taken, so there are now ten spots left. Be sure to email me if you want to reserve your spot today!

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Here is what you need to know about The Workshop:

*The class will be from 3:00pm -6:30pm on July 17th.

*This is a class for beginner DSLR users. What if you don't have a digital SLR? Borrow one and come join the fun! The class is for people who have never "gotten off green" when using their camera to those who have read the owner's manual but still don't completely understand what the heck an f/stop is. (if you are reading this and have never even heard of an f/stop, this class is for you, too:)) It is not a class to become a professional photographer, but for those of you that just want to take better pictures with that fancy camera you have and actually understand what you are doing with all those buttons!

*There will be lots of one on one time and plenty of time for questions- then we will all practice what we have learned with a real LIVE model.

*Tuition is $150 and limited to 15 people(5 spots taken, so now 10 available). Email me at to hold your spot. I will email you back holding your spot and confirming with you when the tuition is received. Due to the size and nature of the class, the tution is non-refundable.

*Location: The Loft at 14th, Concord, NC

On another note: The Workshop is not for those already in the photography industry or with a photography business. HOWEVER, I have begun offering mentoring sessions for budding photographers who need some additional time either working on shooting, business, workflow, OR you name it. Here is what one mentoring client had to say about LLP Mentoring:

"As a budding photographer, I exhausted all of my own resources and needed a professional "push" in the right direction. Until my time with Lindsey, I was completely self-taught and now know that mentoring with her was the first day of the rest of my career. Her knowledge and passion flows into her teaching which far exceeded my expectations. Anyone taking the plunge into professional photography can imagine the pure bliss in having someone as successful as Lindsey working side by side, shooting, improving technique, lighting and composition. No amount of online research, practice and dedication can surpass a true photographers experience in which Lindsey willingly shared without holding back. Since our mentoring session, my straight out of the camera images are as close to perfect as they have ever been and require very little editing. I have also completely restructured my pricing in a much simpler manner and implemented new marketing strategies into all areas of my business. My time with Lindsey was an investment into myself as a business owner, photographer and artist. I would not be where I am today without the wealth of knowledge she shared with me and I look forward to scheduling more time with her in the near future." Adele, Adele Lee Photography (

Time and availability is limited so please email me for more detailed information regarding mentoring:

I can't wait to meet the next bunch of workshop attendees! This has become such a fun time of learning and teaching! You can see more about the last workshop HERE. And because no post is any good with out a photo- here is a sneak peak of the gorgeous belly shoot that I had a couple of weeks ago with Dabid and Hillary. Stunning in red!!



Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL mamma!

Holly said...

I don't have a fancy camera, but if I DID, I would totally take this workshop with you. You are talented & know how to take a great pic!
:) One day, Lindsey Lee ... one day.

Holly (Chudalski) Sharp