Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lindsey Lee Bride: LeAnn

I promise we are going to get caught up on here soon! I am finally getting around to posting some of LeAnn's(sister extroidinaire) bridal portraits. She happens to be very photogenic, and the gorgeous wedding dress that I picked out for her didn't hurt either(it's my current claim to fame). Way too many favorites, so here are just some shots that I love. She played around alot with her hair, veil and shrug, so there are all sorts of looks. This is what I love about bridal portraits, the chance to get to try different things to see how you really want to look on your wedding day. Enjoy!

Makeup by Molly with Bella Amore and bouquet by Barbara with From This Day Forward. Can't recommend either of them enough.

My granddad's Packard.

leannbridal1I may get yelled at for putting these laughing photos, but hey, it's my blog:) Joe thought he was real funny this day, and apparent;y LeAnn did, too.


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