Thursday, June 16, 2011

{LeAnn & Eric} Charlotte Wedding Photographer

In case you missed yesterday's announcement, the next workshop will be held on July 17. Scroll down to the next post to get all the juicy details!

For now, though, the moment you have all been waiting for! Here are some shots from my little sister's wedding. Joe took a lot of these, all the ones here of the ceremony, but I did manage to take a lot, too, in my snazzy bridesmaid dress. The day threatened rain, then cleared, then DID rain, right after Eric and LeAnn walked down the aisle as man and wife. The tent reception was covered, so we were just thankful to get the ceremony complete before the bottom dropped out. A couple of details to share: the flowers, the cake and decor were all by Barbara with From This Day Forward. Seriously, love her. I love working with her, she brings a calmness to every event, and all of that to say that her work is out of this world. Molly with Bella Amore did all the makeup- and let me just say we all looked fabulous!

We didn't get a planner, though in hindsight that may have been a good idea:) On top of the fact that Joe is just the best photographer and husband ever, he also made the cross that was at the end of the aisle. Yup, he is manly like that. He goes into the woods and chops down trees and makes crosses. He's hardcore. It was the exact look I wanted, er, I mean LeAnn wanted:) I have also had a lot of folks ask me about the shrug that LeAnn wore. The short of it is that she and my mom went to Mary Jo's(that gigantic fabric store in Gastonia) and bought lace they thought matched the dress and the dress shop seamstress made the shrug to LeAnn's measurements. I loved how it turned out. Ladies, think outside the box when picking out your dress- you can always add something that isn't there, and I think in this case it totally made her look complete.

There are more photos at the bottom of the post in the slideshow. Don't forget to watch!


Awesome cross Joe made. And now, can we all have a moment of silence for this cake that Barbara made. Seriously, speechless.


It poured, then cleared long enough for us to hop back outside for the bride and groom portraits.


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