Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Love- Peyton

I have been trying to take pictures of this sweet baby girl since the day she was born! Her mother and I grew up together and between Peyton's birth and my wedding, we finally made it happen-Just shortly after her 1st birthday:) Luckily it was also just in time for her to start getting her cute little curls, too! Peyton is so precious and the camera loves her. Here are just some of my favorites!!!


I LOVE this little headband! This one came off of a friend's Etsy shop called My Early Bird and Worm. She sells all sorts of adorable hair accessories that really help to jazz up your session. I literally die over these shots of Peyton!


Perfect glowy light to end our session on. oh how I love that glow.



Anonymous said...

You can't deny she's a SPENCER - cute-cute-cute

Vicki Clarke said...

Peyton is a STAR, but you are a star maker. These are the best!!! Can I order a photo???
Vicki Clarke

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are SOOOOO good. In some, she looks just like Daniel, and others, just like Sara!
Geri (proud great aunt)