Thursday, June 24, 2010

{Meghan and Tyler} Concord Wedding Photographer

Meghan and Tyler are so near and dear to my heart. Not only because these two are perfect for each other, but also because this wedding had so many people in it that I love!!! Besides being incredibly hot, the day was absolutely perfect. Their band Party on the Moon kept things hopping all night! And, as usual, Barbara Pedwell did a great job with all of the flowers and reception decoration- and cake!

All of the people who love Meghan and Tyler were just so happy to be a part of their day- and I felt the same way. Two beautiful people found each other...and that is something to celebrate.

I think I re-figured out how to put the slideshow in the actually post- so click the play button on the bottom picture for more photos!


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Merle said...

wow, those pictures are beautiful!!