Monday, June 28, 2010

Bridals- Cameron- Savannah Wedding Photographer

Before Cameron's little Washington wedding this past weekend, we met down in Savannah where she lives to do her bridal portraits! Let me just say that 1) Cameron's dress is one of my most favorites. and 2) all of the yummy and amazing light lives in Savannah. There, enough said. While Joe and I recoup from a double wedding weekend, 4 hours apart, take in these bridals. Happy Monday!

This veil was Cameron's mom's. It is absolutely incredible how the crochet in her dress matches the crochet on the veil!


Kristi Keziah said...

Beautiful!!!! Love the one on the steps!

stacy squires photography said...

beautifull photos

Dodi said...

These are phenomenal. The light, the setting, the dress, and the bride are stunning!!! :)