Monday, June 14, 2010

Oak Island Photographer- Family Love- The Silvernale's

These people I love. like a lot. They are some of Joe and I's very best friends who happen to live in Colorado. Turns out, though, that we see each other a couple of times a year, which is awesome! We had our first annual family vacation at the beginning of June. One of many years to come!

Jason and Kim had their little baby boy last summer and it was so great to be at the beach together- especially since it was baby Driggs' first time at the ocean! He was a little scared of the waves and sand, and I think primarily how loud it is at the ocean. We did these pictures at two different times- the first time we tried, Driggs was worn out and basically denied the session. It wasn't his fault- we did drag him out past his bedtime, which was pretty hilarious how miserable he was. We still got a couple of cute ones and took lots of Kim and Jason.


This was round two, the next morning- VERY early. Driggs was a much happier boy! Warning: there is some naked baby butt down below. I'm not the type of photographer who gets into the type of shot like below, it's not really my thing- but it was too hilarious what happened as soon as we took off Driggs' diaper. I had to share! Not to mention the fact that he was screaming bloody murder at the time, too. Happy Monday!



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shannon said...

oh my gosh...that is priceless!