Tuesday, November 23, 2010

True Love- McKenzie & Logan

Joe and I are so lucky to count our clients as friends- McKenzie and Logan being no exception. This friendship was proven when we ran into McKenzie at breakfast this past Saturday morning. Here is the backstory: Joe had been wanting to go see the new Harry Potter movie and was really hoping to go this past weekend. With my work schedule lately, I knew it just wasn't in the cards to go anytime before Thanksgiving (not to mention that I am so lost in the series...mostly because I only like to watch Twilight over and over...but that is a post for another day) So, cut to Saturday morning I see on facebook(yes) that McKenzie and Logan were going to see Harry Potter after they ate breakfast at our favorite local spot- a place we run into them often. Turns out we did end up running into McKenzie at the restaurant where I oh-so-casually mentioned to her that Joe had been wanting to see the movie, and would she mind if he came along. Never mind the fact that he would totally be the third wheel, but Mackenzie and Logan are cool like that....and Joe? He was just so happy to be seeing the movie:) Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session!


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Anonymous said...

I don't see how they get any better than what you captured!!