Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My so-called life: ashley

I have sooo many things to get up here on the blog that I am going to try and mix some in as I try to work through the October and early November weddings(yes, all 8) that we shot.

Up now is Ashley! I have to pinch myself as I am shooting these senior sessions because these girls are just SO amazing! Not only they are beautiful, don't wear denim on denim(hey, it was all the rage is '01), but they have so much confidence and poise about them that it is not even funny. It also is worth mentioning that the hair products have come a LONG way since my high school days and they all have the most amazing hair! Ashley made me laugh and giggle throughout our session....she claims to not like her serious face, but I happen to love it. Enjoy these!



Anonymous said...

I want her hair, eyebrows, eyes and skin....

Clare Lennon said...

All of these are wonderful! Her eyes are beautiful.