Friday, August 8, 2008

Larken and Lainey Rose

Larken and Lainey Rose are two cute little biddy buddies I did last week.  This brother/sister pair are SO much fun!  Larken is 8 and Lainey Rose is 4, and they just have this great relationship with each other.  I met them at their house  at High Rock Lake...we looked for fun spots around the house...then at the end of the shoot I let them go nuts in the lake in their "picture clothes".  It was amazingly cute and fun.  I told them we could have a splashing contest- which they were real jazzed about. However, Lainey Rose was soaked in a approximately 3 seconds and Larken was totally dry.  So much for getting those fun water in the air shots:)  This first shot is my favorite of them because it pretty much sums up their personalities.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures that capture the true essence of the child. Color and light are great!