Monday, September 12, 2011

Some workshop and mini-session updates and a fun new product!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! We had some great weather and Joe and I shot a beautiful wedding on Saturday and I could just feel the change in the air, which was so nice! I am hoping my sweaty photographer days are coming to an end here very soon! Wanted to update you all on the dates for Mini-Sessions and The Workshop. I am super pumped about both of these events coming up! When I started planning them back in early august I thought to myself how ridiculous it was that it was so far away, yet here we are! Just a few short weeks!

There are still spots left for The Workshop happening on October 8th. This will be the last workshop until well after the new year. We will have a new little baby to take care of, so I am thinking early summer might be the next one. Make sure and grab one of these spots so you can take fabulous photos over the holidays!

Additionally, there are just a few mini-session slots left:
1 spot left on Sunday,Oct. 9: 3:00 time slot- EDIT: No longer available.
A Few Spots on Monday, October 10(Columbus Day): 2:45-4:45 available.
1 spot left on Sunday, October 23rd: 2:45 time slot.

Email me about any of these openings: You can link back to the older posts to find out more info about either or just feel free to email any questions!

Now, so exciting a cute new product that I am offering. Iphone cases! Yes, I am a apple snob. Yes, I love all things apple. I can't help it! The products are just amazing. And, quite frankly, they just make me happy!! Here is an iphone pic of the latest case I designed and made. I meant to take a "real" camera photo, but life happened and I just got an iphone pic of a new iphone case before shipping it out. Regardless, I think you can see just how fun these cases are! Image the possibilities.....your favorite wedding image, picture of your kids, or pet? Seniors- your favorite senior picture?! I think these would make a great Christmas gift, too;) Every case is custom designed, so the possibilities are endless.

Next up, Ginny and Ricky's wedding. Get excited!


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