Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Darby, an American Sweetheart Returns

Darby has been getting pretty jealous with all the baby talk around here. But, at the same time, she was getting over her low self-esteem, so she hasn't minded laying low for a while. After her "incident", she had to get shaved completely down- hence her hiding. She was embarrassed. But, the haircut was completely necessary since she had briars, cuts, and hundreds of ticks all over her. Poor bear. Honestly, though, she was quite traumatize from her being lost and I truly think she had some post traumatic stress syndrome! I'm not even kidding! Then, add to that a jacked up haircut, and she has needed some time to herself. You know, to heal and reflect.

Thankfully, her hair is starting to grow back in and she is getting all cute and fluffy again. These photos were taken about a month ago, so she is getting back to normal now and ready for the camera. She is going to be her cute little bear self just in time for the annual Christmas photo(get excited)!

Last trip to the lake of the year. She didn't seem to remember that this is where "it all went down".


Family trip to the beach back in July. She loves running while we ride the bike. This was right after her shave down. Eek!


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