Friday, May 6, 2011

{Amy & Joe} The Peninsula Club, Lake Norman, NC Wedding Photographer

Meet Amy and Joe, the last in our string of what we now call "The Joe Grooms". Seriously, it was such a weird start to the season to have so many grooms with the same name. Then, add to that the fact that Amy's dad, and brother were named Joe, Seriously?!?! It was pure pandaemonium. I loved it. The day started out lovely, the lake was gorgeous and the Peninsula Club looked beautiful. Then, though, tornado's decided to take place a couple of miles away, bringing with them some pretty nasty storms. Everything had to be moved inside, but luckily we had all of our "before" photos all knocked out. Amy and Joe didn't skip a beat and everything turned out just perfectly. Their friends and family danced the night away and it was such a fun night. Hope you are enjoying married life, you two!

Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the bottom for more photos.

Amy, work. it. out.


This smiling picture wraps up Joe in a nutshell- so fun to be around.


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Julia said...

Lovin' that slideshow, Lindsey! Really beautiful :)