Monday, March 7, 2011

And the Thailand travels begin....Bangkok

Thailand was such an amazing visual experience. The country has vastly different landscapes and we were lucky enough to get to see many of them...from the city, to the beaches, to the tropical forests. We rested, we got sunburnt(yes, we were two of the whitest people in the whole the pool, it wu'nt pretty) we walked, we took naps, it was glorious. With our first wedding of wedding season this past weekend I am immensely thankful for that time of rest we got to have together. resting. reading. eating. laughing. I have the best husband and getting to travel together is one of life's greatest gifts. to us.

Some stages of our trip were super short and others were long and relaxing. Some places we took lots of photos and in others we just took lots of naps. We were in Bangkok sight seeing for just a short time so the photos are few- but here is a look at some photos from when we toured the Grand Palace.


These tiles made up the whole entire building. insane.


Joe MAY just kill me, but I had to post this photo. When touring some of the sights, you were not allowed to wear shorts. So, you have to RENT these pants to put over your shorts. Every time I looked over at Joe I would just start laughing. But what else was so funny is that everywhere you looked men are wearing these pants. It was like a MC hammer convention, in Thailand.


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