Thursday, October 7, 2010

Family Love- The White's

This family could be the poster family for what to wear to your photo shoot! Bright, vibrant colors and not to matchy matchy= I'm in love! Reese and Wheeler and are too cute and we had a great time playing. Love this family and love these photos! I could just eat them up!

I wanted to also mentioned that there are 5 mini session slots left! 3 on 10/31 ( Halloween, of course- bad planning on my part, but hey! we don't have any kids so there was nobody to remind me:)) and two slots on 10/24.

Wheeler is the serious one and Reese is the little ham:)


Yup, then it happened....magic light.



kristin said...

Beautiful light! Cutest kids ever!

Katie said...

Can I get that little girl's dress in a big girls size..too cute!!