Sunday, October 17, 2010

Darby: An American Sweetheart

It is really absolutely ridiculous how obsessed I am with this sweet little face! I just want to squeeze her and hug her and love her and talk to her and kiss her all day.....really. We just hopped outside to take a couple of photos since all of her most recent photos have consisted of an iphone and of really horrible overhead light. Darby is growing and becoming such a sweet little bear, she weighs about 25 lbs now. I miss her teeny tiny puppy days but am loving this stage right now. I happen to think that she is the smartest dog in the whole world.....I know most people say this, too....but we actually have proof because the trainer at Pestmart agrees. Joe isn't here right now to take the holding photos, so that will be next time. If you can stand her cuteness, take a look!


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Dixie said...

I have to meet her!!!!!