Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby Love- Luke

If you are wondering why no love for the blog lately, it is because all this week I was visiting a sweet little boy, his family, and other friends out in Denver, CO....and all last week I was working to get out of town. I wanted to follow all of the internet safety rules and not notify all the robbers of the world that I was out of town...because, you know, they might want to steal Darby. I mean, I would! But, now I am back and back to blogging. There is so much in the docket that blog readers should be happy for weeks and weeks.

Up first, little Luke. Precious Precious Precious little boy! I love him!

this second shot on the right is SO very Luke.


this is one of my most favorite profile shots. ever.



Amory said...

Hey girl,
Love the red and blue in those first two shots!
Look great!

Misty Fussell said...

Bev, these pics of Luke are wonderful! He has the most amazing blue eyes! So handsome!

Nellie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Ok, these photos are truly beautiful! Linds~ phenomenal job! Luke~ you did well baby you did well! :)