Monday, May 10, 2010

Bridals: Amanda

I have been just waiting and waiting for Amanda's wedding day so that I could finally post her bridals! We went back to some of the same spots as her engagement session because, basically, it is where all of the magic light lives (see below). I can't wait to show a sneak peak of Mark and Amanda's wedding photos on Thursday- these two have more love for people than anyone I have ever met. For now, enjoy Amanda's bridal portraits!


Love her dress:)


it must be hard being THIS photogenic.amanda4

She changed up her look for the second part of the shoot- going more natural. This, too, is Amanda- care free and relaxed.amanda7amanda6amanda5


Cheyenne Schultz said...

I absolutely LOVE that dress!!!

Holly said...

lindsey, you did such a great job ... sure, the pics are beautiful, but you really captured amanda's personality, spirit, and delightfulness in these! i'm so impressed!

kristin said...

Beautiful, beautiful light! Loving her dress. These are just gorgeous!