Monday, February 8, 2010

Amanda & Mark- Engaged!

I absolutely LOVE this couple. Seriously, we had so much fun on our shoot up in Statesville, NC. Amanda and Mark had amazing locations picked out for us to shoot at- and I was in love! Every location was perfect, and they even brought amazing props that meant something to them for us to use! Amazing. I love it when couples create their photos with me. It is such a fun process.

Basically, I had five million favorites- so here we go! Warning: Every smile in these photos is real:)


This photo below is one of my most favorite engagement pics ever.



Couples in love make me happy. Really happy.

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Both Amanda and Mark are going to be History teachers with Teach for America. Beauty and brains- some people have all the luck;)

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Hello, we are beautiful people:)

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Amanda- you are stunning. Seriously.

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We played football- aka- Amanda trying to tackle Mark.



Wendy said...

Lindsey, I get SO TIRED of saying "Beautiful" to EVERY post. Can't you post a crappie picture ONCE!?

Great location, great "props", beautiful couple. They look SO happy.
Great job.

Anonymous said...

They are seriously like this ALL. THE. TIME. I had a class with them, and it was seriously one of the most delightful experience of my life.

Holly said...

Oh, Lindsey ... these made me teary! You did such a wonderful job of capturing Amanda & Mark. Great, great, great. :)

chelsea said...

well aren't they just adorable? i love the bike shots. beach cruisers are the cutest!

kristin said...

Lindsey~ These are so amazing! I love all of them... bike especially super cute!

Susan said...

The pictures of Ashton and Taylor are great! I enjoyed them very much, you did a wonderful job. Thanks for allowing me to view. Susan Alllen

Anonymous said...

Ashton and Taylor really enjoyed seeing your engagement pictures.they were fantastic. I am so looking forward to the next few months celebrating this special time, Your pal, Ant Suz

Anonymous said...

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