Thursday, April 22, 2010

{Shane & Whittney} Salisbury Wedding Photographer

The temperature was mild, the sun was shining, and Joe and I couldn't be more happier for the now Mr. and Mrs. Graham. This day was about love, and it was oozing from everywhere. They have been together since right out of high school, so everyone that knows Whittney and Shane were thrilled to death when Shane popped the question. A funny side note is that Shane loves to hunt....and Whittney's dad told him not to schedule the wedding during Turkey Season. Against that advice, the wedding did fall during Turkey Season, and apparently even that couldn't stop Shane from getting himself a gobbler. Early the morning of the wedding he did just that! I don't know what the groomsmen were more excited about...the wedding or the turkey!

Shane and Whittney- it has been so fun to be part of this journey with you. We hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon!

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Click HERE for a slideshow of more of their wedding photos.

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Anonymous said...

excellent wedding!
<3 yall