Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Gracie

Meet sweet little baby newborn cuteness Gracie.  With two weddings the past two weekends, I have a lot to get caught up on- first and foremost these pics of this cutie!  Here they are...FINALLY (thanks for the patience White Family:))  Little baby Gracie was the calmest newborn I have ever shot!  I usually have a way of making them cry, but this little one actually liked me!  Enjoy these and get ready for all the posts to come!  PS...did anyone notice the new logo???

Introducing the item that almost ended Joe and I's relationship at the Hillsville Flea Market in VA(not really, but just a big argument): The Bread Bowl.  I really wanted this bread bowl that I was going to make into a table arrangement (tried and failed) and Joe thought it was a ridiculous purchase.  I looked all day for a bread bowl and they were all really expensive and some were replicas.  I finally found the one I wanted and after much debate/public spectacle in front of my sister, mom and the really sweet old man who owned the booth at the flea market, we decided to get it.  Joe was eventually happy when he thought he got a steal by getting the sweet old man to throw in a Shark mini vacuum for free! (Poor old man just trying to make a living at the flea market...I think he secretly just wanted us to leave)  Anyway, the moral of that whole story is aren't we all glad I got this really old bread bowl????  How cute!!!
Look at their cute cute dog!  I forgot what kind it is.

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GNat said...

Hey Lindsey Lee Photography! Yay for the new logo! I LOVE IT! It is totally legit! I can't believe how talent and amazing my best friend is...somehow it still shocks me that your photos are so beautiful and capture the essence of the Lord's beautiful world we live in. love the photos as always. LOVE YOU to the moon and back! MISS YOU like crazy!