Monday, November 17, 2008

Josh and Bailey

I really must apologize for the lack of commitment to my blog lately.  On top of getting engaged in September (suprise!), Lindsey Lee Photography has been swamped!!  Between planning for our January 3rd wedding and shoots, the blog has really taken a backseat.  However, my solemn VOW is to get all of the shoots up that I have done over the past two weeks by the end of THIS week! YAY!  There are some real cuties out there I want ya'll to see!

Speaking of Bailey and Josh.  I am doing their wedding in May and we finally found a weekend to do their engagement photos.  It was an absolutely beautiful fall day and we had such a good time.  Bailey goes to Winthrop so we met in Charlotte for their pictures.  These are just a snapshot of my favorites.  I hope to add more later, but in my vow to get all blog posts up, here is the teaser for now!  Enjoy!!

These three are the sweetest trio!  I would get them printed on canvas and hang them in a row!

I am loving the black and whites!

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Bailey said...

Lindsey!! The pictures are so beautiful! You are absolutely talented! Not only are the pictures great, but we had a blast taking them too!