Monday, November 24, 2008

Gwen and Brian

I just got back from St. Simon's Island, GA where I shot Gwen and Brian's wedding!  I am so excited to be showing you some shots from their wedding!!!  First of all, how can you not love a place as beautiful as St. Simon's.  The island is just so reminiscent of the past and there is so much history all around.  The moss is hanging from the trees, the river is winding through the really is just an amazing place and I was so lucky to get to shoot there.   It was so special and memorable to be with Gwen and Brian on their special day.

Gwen's hair was AMAZING!  Her aunt MiMi did all of the of the girl's hair.
This was the look on Gwen's face when she realized her mom walked into the room and saw her for the first time all dressed. Precious.
The weather was amazing...but incredibly cold.  Here is Jackie trying to look warm

I loved the Bridesmaids color combination, especially for the fall

Gwen's parents surprised her with a horse-drawn carriage that brought her to the chapel
Brian's face as he saw Gwen for the first time!  
This chapel was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  It's name is Lovely Lane Chapel.  How can you not love that??
At the end of their ceremony, all of the congregation followed Gwen and Brian to the river to do a Stone-Throwing Ceremony...which represented everyone adding their life to Gwen and Brian's. There was a lot more to it, I just can't remember:)
Mother of the Bride, Grandmother of the Bride and Aunt of the Bride walking to the Stone-Throwing Ceremony.

Fun, but cold Bridemaids

Favorite shot of the day
Pure Joy

Bridal Party :)

I also love this picture in Black and White

I love all the girls fighting for the bouquet in the background

Bubbles to leave by!


Julia said...

seriously you are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing

Blair said...

these are fabulous!!!
i'm so impressed :)

GNat said...

Lindsey Lee, you are sooooooo amazing! Thank you so much for everything this weekend! I love the pictures, can't wait to see the rest of them! You're the best! Amazing work! :)
Can't wait til your wedding Jan 3rd -- so soon! can't wait! Love you! -GNat

Bailey said...

Lindsey!!! These wedding pictures are beautiful! You did such an amazing job! I cannot wait to see what you do May 16th :)