Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Workshop - THIS SUNDAY!

So many of you are interested in the workshop this coming weekend, but you are all at Ocean Isle...or at swim team tournament....or shopping at the outlets at Myrtle Beach, the list goes on! Lucky devils! I am working hard on getting another date set up for all of you that are interested but can't make it this weekend- I am thinking sometime in September or October. Life is getting just a tad crazy as we prepare for the arrival of Baby Boy(we found out!), so I am trying to figure it out quickly. Meanwhile, this coming weekend the workshop is still available and spots could still be had. It is looking like a more intimate affair, but that is just better for those of you that are coming! More attention and time for you! Here are the details:

*The class will be from 3:00pm -6:30pm on Sunday, July 17th.

*This is a class for beginner DSLR users. What if you don't have a digital SLR? Borrow one and come join the fun! The class is for people who have never "gotten off green" when using their camera to those who have read the owner's manual but still don't completely understand what the heck an f/stop is. (if you are reading this and have never even heard of an f/stop, this class is for you, too:))

*There will be lots of one on one time and plenty of time for questions- then we will all practice what we have learned with a real LIVE model.

*Tuition is $150 Email me at lindseyleelancaster@gmail.com to hold your spot. I will email you back holding your spot and confirming with you when the tuition is received.

*Location: The Loft at 14th, Concord, NC

The class could even be for the more serious hobbyist who just haven't quite mastered aperture or shutter speed. Definitely email me with any questions. You can also email to be added to the mailing list to know of the next workshop date. Hope to see you there!

You could be taking pics like this soon! Have a great Tuesday!!!


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